Window Security Film Installation Cost

Window Security Film Installation Cost

Costs differ per school, depending on how many square … matt archer works in a classroom at Fairview Elementary to install security film to windows Monday.

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The cost of the film ranges from $2 to $100 per square foot, with an additional $5 to $10 per square foot for installation. A 2-foot by 3-foot window goes from $42 to $660 , compared to $105 to $1,650 for one measuring 3 feet by 5.Tinted windows are a great way to increase your home privacy and lessen the amount of glare and heat from the sun.

If you purchase your DIY Window Security Film Installation kit from, you’ll get the necessary installation tools, step-by-step installation instructions, and …

3M provides a lifetime warranty for residential applications and a 10-15 year commercial warranty that covers the film, the window, and the installation labor. How much does the film cost Depending on film type and size of job, 3M films will cost $4-15 per square foot installed.

3M Security Window Film - 3M Window Film Demonstration & Explanations With the increase in the interest in creating a green building, the rising number of the builders and remodelers prefer to install window films. Security window film is … and offer high-end service. …

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The cost of film will vary depending on a number of factors. There are different types of protective film with different benefits and different price points. Also, the cost will be higher if you plan on adding an additional sun-proofing layer.

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The estimated $108,000 cost, five of nine school directors said … Administrators also plan to propose the installation of security film on all first-floor windows, on glass around main offices and o…

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Window Genie has a range of security film from a 2mm thick film designed to protect against theft and snatch and grab occurrences, to a 15mm thick film which was created to provide maximum protection against the most serious disasters.

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