What To Look For When Buying A Printer

What To Look For When Buying A Printer

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Deciding what kind of printer you want to purchase — inkjet, laser, or multi function — can be frustrating and confusing. There are so many types and brands of printers to choose from, and new models seem to be introduced on a monthly basis.

Printer Buying Guide (Interactive Video) | Consumer Reports We can all look back on the old days where the selection of a printer was as easy as it comes. All that was needed to make the decision was cost; since almost all of them had the same printing quality …

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Read our Printer Buying Guide from the experts at Consumer Reports you can trust to help you make the best purchasing decision.

In the short buyer’s guide below we’ll explain a few things to look out for. This will help ensure that you find a printer that fits your needs and prevents you from feeling ripped off or otherwise disappointed in your new product.

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