Signs Of A Bad Auto Paint Job

Signs Of A Bad Auto Paint Job

Auto paint job flaws, such as over spray or poor color choice, are quite obvious. However, many signs of a bad pain job are subtle and difficult to identify. It might be easy to miss small streaks, runs, or poor edge work when looking at an entire surface.

May 05, 2018  · This was a high pressure rinse, but like I’ve said, I’ve gone to this car wash before and have never been able to wash the paint of my car. After inspecting it further, I noticed a few paint bubbles around the chip… My question is, was this a bad paint job? I uploaded a pic of the chip and surrounding area.

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Review of Bad Repair & Paint Job signs of a bad paint job on your car Quite often when you try to cut corners on auto painting jobs the quality of the finished product suffers. Whilst some auto …

green circle: original paint. Notice the clear reflection of the trees; blue circle: bad paint job on the hood. Notice the extra metallic bits and the blue-ish tint. That’s not a reflection of the sky, it’s just a bad matching job on the ridge on the hood; yellow circle: bad clear coat job.

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