Office Desk Placement

Office Desk Placement

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Sometimes space constraints dictate where your office desk goes, but if you’re afforded the small luxury of desk placement options, you should definitely take advantage of them! Consider your work habits, distractions, and how you envision yourself working most effectively.

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Middle managers get the window seats and corner offices, and the rank and file get grouped into the middle-of-the-floor pool …

While final-mile cost, labor availability, and volume growth are universal omnichannel challenges for all locations, the chal…

Here’s an example from my office at home: Now, I mentioned in my previous post the “left to right” workflow pattern. This affects your placement very much if …

Placing your desk against a wall (or worse a corner) closes out light and locks you in. Why not get smart about the most important piece of furniture in your office?

When you set up an office in your home or at work, your most important feng shui consideration is the placement of your desk. Just as your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home, Feng Shui considers the placement of your desk to be critical to your business and financial success.

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