Flightshield Sapphire V1

Flightshield Sapphire V1

Sapphire v1 By FlightShield, the only coating originally developed for the Aerospace industry and backed by a comprehensive manufacturer warranty, has had a proven performance track record in the Aviation, Automotive and Marine industries for many years.

Flightshield & V1 Sapphire Coatings For those who are serious about keeping their vehicle looking the way it should and protecting their investment. FlightShield Reactive Polymer is a crystal clear nano-coating that chemically bonds to automotive and marine paint to become a new surface and protective layer, offering an ultra-smooth, high gloss, resistant coating.

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FlightShield is a crystal clear nano-coating that was originally developed for the aerospace industry to protect and enhance the paint on aircraft. FlightShield has now expanded to the automotive and marine industry and is available through our network of authorized applicators.

Flight Shield Sapphire V1 Nano Ceramic from Wichita Clear Bra Sapphire creates a durable and glossy finish on your vehicle or boat that will last for years to come.

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Then, plastic, paint and glass ALL coated in Flightshield 5yr Sapphire V1 Nano Ceramic Coating. Proof is in the performance with the extream conditions this tractor will be seeing Sapphire v1 By FlightShield …

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