Blood Spill Clean Up Procedure

Blood Spill Clean Up Procedure

Today, in non-health care environments, employees such as first aid and spill cleanup responders, clinic nurses, and other workers understand the importance of following proper medical waste containme

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Clean-up of Small Blood Spills. Follow these procedures for cleaning up spills of blood or bloody products. The same procedures can be used for cleaning up other body fluids. For larger spills that go beyond your ability to clean with the supplies on hand, contact your Territory Manager and/or District Manager.

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Universal Precaution Spill Kit Note: blood spill clean-up procedures should only be utilized by employees who are current with their annual Bloodborne Pathogen Training. Small Spill: A volume that is easily managed with a minimal a…

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Disposable scrub brushes. In the event of a small blood spill (or other bodily fluids), follow this procedure: • Prior to beginning any clean-up, put on a pair of gloves from the kit. • Make a fresh mix of 1 part household bleach and 9 parts clean water in a spray bottle.

I heard that hepatitis C is really only passed on from blood to blood, but I also read that the virus can live for weeks outside the body, so I’m unsure if my cleanup process was overkill or not enoug…

Clean Once. Cover the spill in durable cloth towels to soak up as much blood as possible. The registered disinfectant product with a broad spectrum kill claim will not properly disinfect if the surface is still covered in blood. Discard the used towels into a biohazard bag. Clean Twice.

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These instructions are also included in each Spill Clean … pick it up with your gloved hands. Use a scoop or tongs to place it in the polyethylene hazardous waste bag, then place the bag in a strong …

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